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at the park all the time. this was used to hoist the firefighters up there so they could assist the folks that were stuck up on that ride 150 feet up in the air. this happened before a twist. riders were luckily stuck right up. a nerve racking two hour ordeal for these riders. six flags will investigate later today what caused the ride to stall out. is a spokesperson told us this was a computer programming issue. vallejo firefighters were called in yesterday afternoon. they used this crane to bring waters to the stranded riders. and while mechanics at the same time were working to restart the ride eventually everyone was brought back down safely to the ground and we talked with battalion chief that requires this crane to remain on site in case something like this happens. >> we arrived. we put the crane on site into place. we actually have done training with this in case the situation arose. >> reporter: none of the riders in the end were hurt. and the superman ride will remain closed for a thorough inspection here at six flags. it won't reopen until the problem has been identified and pr
in california these days is in a partnership situation, and we have many of our partnership stakeholders with us today. jim from the california transportation commission is here and the california alliance for jobs. he is the guy tried to put these guys to work. randy from the mtc and his boss steve. they are the ones that put the deal together for us for caltrain electrification. the new head of bart has done a spectacular job. [applause] and from our friends in the central valley who cannot wait for the opportunity to get on a train and leave fresno when it is 112 and come to visit san francisco to visit the chocolate factory, we have henry perea and others from the economic development commission. it is about tying our great state together, and that is what we would do with high-speed rail. for me, watching this process has been an education in leadership. it does not take anything to be a leader when the decisions are easy. believe me. it takes courage and grit when the decisions are hard. our governor, when he came into office, was faced with everyone telling him, this is your opportunity t
traffic flowing many people use this street you will have to do a reverse, so to speak. this will be happening with five-seven years because this central subway project is not expected to be completed until 2019 and it is not really 80 toward it is really expected to be called a new configuration. we will be back with more. that fog coming in fro traffic is very light right now. wow, look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe! what are you doing here? you're in ikea. my dream bedroom is in ikea? yes. what's that bedroom over there? that's your husband's dream bedroom. whatever your style, take home your dream bedroom together. ikea. the life improvement store. dollars per day the u.s. postal service is facing a crisis. if congress does not act by this wanted the service could default on a $5.5 billion bailout from the federal government. the sluggish recent processing plants has cost this cut back. they want to reduce the amount of money set aside for pensions and health benefits. >> the that is modernization, is just not need to be as quick as necessary. >> the u
see the barricade right here. this is as close as they are allowing us to get. now you can also see people standing in their driveways. folks who live here are not being allowed to go out on to the sidewalk, on the streets. he have one here is hoping to get a glimpse of the presidential motorcade when it arrives. >> to visit us in piedmont is a wonderful thing. because we are obama people. >> reporter: piedmont residents say they couldn't be more excited that president barack obama is coming to their neighborhood for a $38,000 aplate frazer at the home of big time democratic campaign donors, wayne jordan and quinn delaney. >> whatever your political stripe is, you have to be happy that obama has come to the bay area. he is thinking about us. and even though it is a money stop, it's great. >> reporter: as bomb sniffing dogs swept the couple's house preparing for the president's arrival, president obama touched down at the oakland international airport where oakland mayor jean began and barbara lee greeted him before he headed to a location near lake merritt for a roundtable talk with
went up $2 to $64. the pass still costs less than all but one of the top ten u.s. cities with similar transportation systems. boston is the only city with a less expensive monthly pass at $59. leaders say the increases are part of a plan to keep fare and fee hikes small and predictable. >> last decade, our board made a decision to increase fares incrementally and not all at once in a large sum. this, we felt, would be an easier burden for our customers and those throughout the city. so this is something when he to do. you know, we want to make this as easy as possibility for our customers. >> the price for a regular one-time ticket is still $2. >>> and they're not the only agency raising fares. cal-train is increasing fairs by 25 cents. the move is meant to encourage customers to use electronic clipper passes, which are not facing a fare increase. if at least half of riders are using those by march, paper tickets will go up again by next july. b.a.r.t. is putting the last of its inflation increases into effect as well. >>> speaking of b.a.r.t., service was shut down for almost an hour
point they were asked to help get the ride moving again. >> somebody climbed up and told us to rock back and forth. >> today engineers determined the problem was not mechanical. they are planning to run the ride tonight and if it operates normally it could reopen tomorrow. >>> investigators spent the day combing over a party bus that was involved in the death of a passenger this weekend. ktvu's janine de la vega has more. >> reporter: we are told party bus of santa cruz parks its buses here on this lot. we tried to get ahold of the owner but when we called a man hung up on us. we found out what we could about the company. >> reporter: we did not see anybody working at this lot. they told us buses have been taken from here. they want to knee how two women fell out the door. >> i wonder how does a door come open on a bus like that? they should be checked for safety issues. >> reporter: the public utilities commission licenses party buss. in 2010 it fined them $4,500 for not having insurance and drivers enrolled in alcohol testing satisfaction programs. the chp is investigating the incident
winners for the u.s., many of them with us along with a big crowd of fans. >> you get the feeling the olympic park is now open to the public, if you missed that. the swimmers are dominating, winning eight medals in the first two days. gold was won by dana vollmer. savannah was there and got her reaction after the race. that had to be exciting. >> yes. my voice is hoarse from screaming so loud. she did so great, broke a world record. we'll catch up with her. and the men's gymnastics team have never won team all-around in a nonboycotted games. they are entering tonight in first place. and that surprise drama on the women's side with jordyn wieber is coming up. >> also, a woman you may have seen during the opening ceremony making headlines worldwide. we are not talking about the queen, but the mustry woman who crashed the parade of nations walking right alongside the indian flag bearer. details on who she is and how she ended up in the stadium that night. >> and later on, if there were a gold medal for humiliation, we'll know who won it. today at the track to try the olympic sport of
but citizens in do not want to miss they want cal fire to extend its contract lisa washington shows us how activist led to reverse the decision >>> their petitions at half moon bay to recall the three board members of the fire protection district >>> they're trying to rebuild the fire department from the ground up it is a huge task in cost more money than cal fire >>> three board members voted to establish a local a controller fire department are making the wrong decision >>> we had our own fire departments and they were an embarrassment there were lawsuits and acrimony >>> we're going forward because we learn from our mistakes >>> he was not on the board went out fire began fire protection on the coast cal fire operates the fire station although the station and equipment are owned by the coast side district the board voted not to renew the contract with cal fire >>> this is what is best for coast side >>> and if there are mixed reactions >>> service has been terrific in the community has embraced cal fire with these directors are due in implementing their own vision of what they think fir
guarantee partial funding for next year. >> it's not good enough for us. the mistake was made by the foun daks and i feel there needs to be accountability to sustain the $2.2 million that was lost by error. >> our focus is on multi-year funding. we have some very good possibilities there. and one application that's already pending. >> the lost federal grant money would have paid for the next five years of the program. >>> right now, police are looking for a hit-and-run driver who crashed into two homes in east palo alto today, just stopping inches from a sleeping baby just after 5:00 this morning. the family woke up to find a black cadillac inside their bedroom. the car hit one house and sent bricks flying into the window before crashing into the side of a garage that had been converted into a bedroom in a second home. a mother, a 2-month-old baby and 3-year-old son were sleeping as the car came crashing in. >> the bassinet was kind of thrown on me. she was screaming. my son was screaming. they're both fine, though. and my little brother actually had to break the door down to get us out.
expect there will be crowds lining up behind us for the next couple of weeks. you're starting to feel the excitement in the air. >> it's a great location. you get the lay of the land. that big white thing, that's savannah's trailer. better known as the olympic stadium. the observation tower. the aquatic center. >> amazing. >> you asked me to store your hair and makeup. >> we're going to spend a lot of time in these places over the next couple of weeks. >> yeah. >> makes it real being here now. >> it does. also the pomp and pageantry is already underway this morning. the famed big ben chimed nonstop for 3 minutes to celebrate the first official day of the olympic games. right now a big crowd has gathered at tower bridge awaiting the arrival of the olympic torch to sail by on the queen's barge. the question is whose hands will it be in. matt lauer, we're looking at you. you know. >> you're looking in the wrong place. >> i think it was barry gold water that said i'm not a good leaker. >> we'll work on it. >> we'll pry it out of you or meredith. >> obviously a very big date for britain an
are being encouraged to drive less and also being encouraged to use less energy. we are in livermore where many people found the best way to stay cool was to take a dip in the pool. >> with unexpected high of 96, going for a swim or learning how to swim is an easy way to beat the heat in livermore. that is why she brought her kids to the robert livermore community center >> a good way to get exercise and stay cool. >> water is the best way to stay cool. this is a great place to bring the kids. they love the water. >> a game of volleyball is fun and the sound but as the coach tells us, precautions come first. >> we used to have this camp at 12:00 and we had to move it all the way to 9:30 a.m. because it is so hot these days. temperatures are getting up there so we're taking a lot of water breaks. remembering to apply som sunscreen. >> it is necessary for those that want to spend a little time outdoors. >> and the california emergency management agency issued a release this morning in addition to urging californians to use sunscreen and drink plenty of water, they say that you should wear li
166,000 and 6200 of the driver's side the inner door latch could not work if the locks are used and shot, simultaneously. these recalls will begin next month. >> ford is telling some buyers of the 2013 to not to drive it because the engine could catch on fire. and i they could crack and leak the fuel line. this just before it cylinder engine. just impacting--the four- cylinder engines. with reports of fires and thankfully, no injuries. many will get repaired even before they are sold off the car lot. >> this crash sent people to the hospital from dismantled wreck. this plain clothes officer noticed a driver driving erratically. when a patrol car attempted to pull over this cart there was a short chase. and the car continued and id and it collided with another car. the suspect got out of the car and ran but he was detained. >> a quick break with this live look outside on this thursday morning. an excellent start to the day. this warm up beginning. >> welcome back in the san francisco and was a dead after he was shot and killed for attacking a co- worker at a chocolate factory. th
is receiving some much needed funds. alex savage joins us life to tell us what -- live to tell us what it will be used for. >> reporter: not long from now those new recruits will be going through the fire academy here and they will go through that for several months and be out in the field. they are being brought on thanks to $8.6 million that will help provide better service to the people of san jose. >> it is important to the people of san jose to improve the service. we are nowhere near where we should be compared to where we were ten years ago but every little bit helps. >> the fire chief and local lawmakers helped to secure this money. the official announcement came down just an hour ago positions refer to as a brownout policy but these will reduce staffing levels and reduce closures. >> it has an impact on our response time and capacity so it is a significant impact and we will be able to with this grant eliminate at least one of those right away. you will feel ross fire station will be staffed on a daily basis as soon as we get the new firefighters out. >> we had six new graduat
after the opening ceremony but actually began today for some competitors. for example, in soccer the u.s. women take on france today, that's a highly anticipated match. by the way, take a look at the aquack tight centre, one of the great venues over in olympic park and take a look at ryan lochte, one of the stars of the u.s. team getting a little warm-up action in over there. so things are really heating up. >> talk about heating up, there's going to be a fierce competition in the pool from ryan lochte and michael phelps. they will face off as soon as this week. speaking of ryan, another ryan joining us, our special correspondent ryan seacrest will give us the scoop at the aquatic centre. >> we'll be checking out another standout from the u.s. swim team, missy franklin, the 17-year-old known as the missile. she could swim away with seven medals in london. exciting to watch her as well. >> of course, the mayor of london, boris johnson, is quite a character. he's here playing it cool. he's going to be chatting with you a little bit. welcome all of us and welcome the world. >> he's been wor
of the deadliest mass shootings in recent u.s. history. when the gas began to spread, some moviegoers thought it was a stunt that was part of the "the dark knight rises," one of the most highly anticipated films of the summer. they saw a silhouette of a person in the smoke near the screen, first pointing a gun shooting. holmes had an assault rifle, a shotgun and two pistols, a federal law enforcement official said, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation. fbi agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck to reach holmes' apartment and discovered the unit was booby trapped. authorities evacuated five buildings as they determine how to disarm flammable and explosive material. he is currently in a solitary confinement. with first degree murder. he is expected in court on monday. investigators think that it was carefully planned. with a pistol, a semi-automatic rifle and a shotgun. recently. also 6000 rounds of ammunition on the internet. he also purchased and assault the best. magazine holders. the ceo of the gear is says that it is company online purcha
. captioning funded by cbs >>> republican presidential candidate mitt romney heads back to the u.s. today. he made one final speech in poland's capital this morning. >> critics are still focusing on controversial comments that romney said while in israel. jan crawford is covering the romney campaign in warsaw. >> reporter: romney spoke here earlier today and his remarks were full of praise and admiration for the polish people and their struggle for liberty. and then he went to see memorials dedicated to honoring that struggle. >> in a turbulent world, poland stands as an example and a defender of freedom. >> reporter: in warsaw, romney continued to suggest that if elected president, he would be a stronger defender of america's allies. >> i believe it's critical to stand by those who have stood by america. it is for us in this generation and beyond to show all the world what free people and free economies can achieve for the good of all. >> reporter: he had a receptive audience for that message in poland when tensions escalated after president obama told medvedev he would have more flexibility
on her shoulders. she was labeled the next big thing in u.s. swimming. and so far she's delivered. >> and you and i were there. we watched her win gold. i had no idea you could scream that loud. >> you know, it's very exciting. we were sitting just down at the end of the pool. when you see that number one go up to missy's name, it's a great moment. >> it was so exciting. chenabed gold and set an american record in the 100 meter backstroke. this is the second medal for her in these games. and hoda kotb, who has made her way to london, talked to missy right after the race. she was eve therein when franklin reunited with her parents for the first time in weeks. we'll have that touching moment straight ahead and missy's mom and dad will be with us as well. >> also, let's not leave out the men. we mentioned they took gold and silver in the men's 100 meter backstroke. and those two athletes are here with us as well. congratulations to them. we'll talk to them in a second. and tonight, ryan lochte looks to get back to his winning ways in the men's 4 x 200 meter free relay later this morn
and tells us even though it borders oakland there are huge differences. >> reporter: look, we got barricades here, media and public kept at bay and heavily armed police officers. the fundraising house is around the bend. all the roads leading up to it is closed. fundraising is very important for the president who expects to be the first sitting president to be outspent. >>> the excitement was building all day. they took their regular neighborhood walk with a purpose. >> to check out obama's lunch and be a participate. [ talking at the same time ] >> not with them at $35,800. >> reporter: the neighbors are hosting president obama at their home for the president's fundraising swing. why piedmont? the difference in means. oakland next door has a average income of $77,000 a year with 13% living below povertity. in piedmont, more than $382,000. >> if piedmont is a cash register for him, that is what he has to do. >> we are the atm machine. >> reporter: he says what california lacks in campaign incentive because it is a blue state it makes up for in cash incentive. it tops the list for campaign c
>>> she's out of the hospital after a bout with flesh eating bacteria and telling us how a small cut nearly cost her her life. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. it's the kind of ordeal that's hard to imagine. tonight a bay area 12-year-old is recovering from a near fatal case of flesh eating bacteria. new at 10:00, debra villalon is live in sonoma county where it all started with just a small cut on her knee. >> a cut that led to a life threatening infection. missy pendington had hoped to show her lamb at the fair. but missy is not getting around the family farm like she used to after she lost the skin on her right leg, almost the leg itself to flesh eating bacteria. >> yeah it was just a cut and they stitched it up. >> reporter: just a one inch cut above the knee needing six stitches. two days later, swelling, pain and fever and back at the local er the doctor rushed to air lift her to children's hospital. >> i knew i had to rush her. >> by the time we got to the hospital, it was up her thigh and to her ankle. >> reporter: this is the metal missy caugh
-like conditions are driving up food prices for everyone. less than half the u.s. corn crop is in good condition. vegetables farmners wisconsin, cattle farmers in oklahoma. both says the heat will cause the food to rise. >> i've had to sell off capital assets, it's either 1t is that or watch the animals rise. >> the heat index will still be brutal in many nations. by monday there will be relief. temperatures in the 80s. but first more severe wet weather, rain, hale and winds that could reach near hurricane strength have put the mid-atlantic region alert. abc news, new york. >> tomorrow you may discover you are among tense ever thousandches internet users who will get knocked off the web. hackers planted what's called malware and made a fortune until the fbi arrested them. abc7 reports why the impact will be felt tomorrow who what you can do to make sure your computer doesn't get knocked off-line. >> hackers in estonia affected hundreds of computers worldwide. if you were infected, the men you tried to go to a website you will be direct today a malware site. >> this was malware that would either
to abc7 news, they tell us he will lose his right leg. zachary row was camping at the park when a 60-foot tree fell on his tent early wednesday morning. a close family friend described what happened next. >> zachary was saying things like, you know, my legs feel like jelly, they are restless, kind of rolling back and forth. we thought maybe he was just still half asleep. >> zachary suffered a crushed pelvis and doctors are worried about internal bleeding. zach was scheduled to start 7th grade in arizona in two weeks. all of that on hold as he recovers. >>> a warning going out to the elderly in san francisco. crooks may offer you spiritual help while helping themselves to your money. take a look at some video from a public service announcement from the san francisco police department warning people about this crime. police say strangers approached their target, usually elderly chinese women, and prey on their superstitions saying they are cursed or haunted, offering to remove the curse. victims say the new twist is that the suspects are touching them the entire time. >> some of these victi
of the worst massecres in u.s. history. but this is not over yet. right now police are taking a look at his booby trapped apartment. here's rebecca stevens. >> as the sun comes up over aurora, colorado, 30 people are still in the hospital and some still in critical condition. police are looking at not one, but two crime scenes. >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer after one of the worst u.s. massecres in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at the screening of the new batman film. halfway into the movie hundreds fled the carnage inside. a state of shock and bleeding from bullet holes. >> oh, my god! >> police have a busy day ahead of them. one thing they don't have to wonder about is how the suspect got ammunition and also his weapons. the fact is, he got them right here in legally. [applause] >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer, holding candles and helping the victims of one of the worst shootings in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at a midnight screening of the new batman film. halfway into the move way hundreds fled the carnage inside. in a state of shoc
back in the hot seats how ross mercury news wife is using personality and counterpunches to try to save her husband's job. a new ways to get police to respond instantly the bay area city where you cannot text or even video chat with a live,. intel inveighs him. 0.3: that don't have any cash. another this finds you forgot their money. dirichlet's and and nasty. he says the incidents involving suspended share from mercury effective center live spiraling into disaster. we're just the wife again. >>> lopez spoke briefly after testifying again in their has- beens' official misconduct hearing. on tonight's testimony. >>> clearly was an emotional roller coaster in the same as he lay on a lopez took the stand about four hours today and it does some masterful sometimes feisty but all along she claims that she was never a victim of abuse. oh yeah lopez stepped out of the silver volkswagen on her way into san francisco's city hall today. cirri did yesterday. she saved her words for the witness stand. testifying before the ethics commission issues pressured by her neighbor and lawyer to m
as a zombie this morning. >> there are saddling us with debt, the debt is absolutely killing us and we are back from the dead to say " no more debt ". it is a matter of life and death, it is the night of the living dead. >> here's a look at the numbers, the cost of law school at uc- davis would go up 10% in uc- berkeley business school fees would go up 23% and nursing school fees at ucsf, davis, and los angeles would go up 35%. we have seen a lot of protest outside of uc board of regents meetings. normally people protest a little bit more when they're talking about jacking up undergraduate prices but it seems that with a lot of these students they're just thinking that enough is enough. so we will hear from them at 8:30 a.m. and we will follow that for you live in san francisco. >> three new csu campus presidents will be paid substantially more than their predecessors. the board of regents has okayed the agreement for incoming presidents at san fransisco state, csu northridge in an csu san bernadino. the money is coming from private foundations. >> no funds from the foundation will be
deemed us is push ? >> reporter: yes. -- because of the number of them there are were two or three fires that broke out in the same location at kelly park last night. take a look at some of that video from last night this was around 8:50. two to three fires are being called suspicious. they burned 8 to 12 acres couple different estimates before firefighters were able to bring those flames under control. not an official cause. officials as well as residents near this park acknowledge the homeless and homeless camps in the creek are a problem. >> homeless encampments are a problem in the creek areas too early to make a determination that it is a homeless encampment. it could be accidental for some unknown reason it could be intentional, too early to say. >> reporter: fire crews brought the flames under control after 10:30 last night no structures were damaged and no one was hurt. as you heard from mike, another hot one today in the 90s here in san jose, no doubt residents and people in general will be on high alert for fire danger today as well. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> 4:30 four in
for a fire department spokesman to come over to the fire scene to give us more information. we will, of course, keep you updated. that is the latest from the fire scene in san bruno. >> eric: what sorted started as garage fire and rescue in concord has turned into a police investigation after firefighters on the scene found evidence of a pot growing operation. contra costa fire inspector said the early morning fire was caused by somebody trying to illegally supply power to the home. fire chief said they had to rescue the people sleeping inside before putting out the electrical fire. >> on arrival we found smoke in the garage area. we made entry into the house. there were people sleeping in the house. we facilitated a rescue of the people to get them out. at that time we looked in the garage and we had electrical fire in the garage. >> eric: one person suffered smoke inhalation and one person was taken into police custody. >> jj city officials say they received a multimillion dollar grant to hire new firefighters. it will help put 27 new firefighters in uniform. it's similar that gra
. >> california lawmakers passed a first state law in the u.s. today that includes many the reforms included in national mortgage settlement brokered this year, that covers barroers who have mortgage was five largest lenders in the united states. california's law would go further, pro secretarying -- protecting all who face foreclosure. >> giving me, jose as a just ordinary citizen, legal recourse against this kind of abusers because what i found out along the way is that i am more of the rule, not the exception. >> california would require banks to establish a single point of contact for homeowners seeking help, banks would be banned from practices of robo signing. governor brown needs to sign the bill before it can become law. >> donations coming in tonight that are needed. people have given $1500 for those still homeless nearly two months afteran francisco apartment fire. neighbors in the mission district held a fund-raiser and collected donations. the drives are being held online. 37 people were displaced on may 6th and nearly half of them are still looking for a place to live. >> emerge
year. they have been involved over a year with us in coming one solutions and they actually were part of developing these recommendations. >>reporter: noaa will monitor the ships but currently working with the international maritime organization to modify the shipping lanes and move them further offshore. while there is no research to show it would work, they also want to establish a slow lane. recen recently the shipping industry agreed to have trained whale spotters aboard who will help send out warnings to other ships. so the announcement today that it is recommending all ships coming in to the golden gate and in san francisco bay slow down to continue knot. we have more on that tonight on 7 news at 1 11:00. reporting live in san francisco, back to you dan. >> okay thanks a lot. >> 20-year-old santa rosa man drowned in the russian river today. the fifth person to die in the river this summer. investigators say the man was swim with 2 friends near sunset beach not far from forestville when he began splashing and went under. sheriff's office says he was a good swimmer and no d
home and school. police are looking into whether or not to use his students us to order materials. police also found a better mouse inside his home. authorities were able to clear explosives inside his home including homemade grenades. but right now investigators believe he was a loner >>> all the evidence that we have, every single indicator shows us the he was not particularly aided by anyone >>> he also attempted to join a gun club in colorado and was denied membership. the owner of the range called his home and he thought these voice messaging system was weird. >>> i had a chance to visit with each family and most of the conversation was filled with memories. it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful there're brother was, or their it system or or mother was >>> jon read the names of each of the victims. the pastor who witnessed the massacre such as " we can't lay fear or anger to control of as " >>> i was asking the person who was on top of the one i was trying to help of the could move, but big cuts and big couldn't and i was just big-name the person to ple
] let us not forget this is the state that built the golden gate bridge,ur earliest highways, and was the terminus of the transcontinental railroad. just like those projects, today 's investment will improve people's lives for generations to come. in addition to faster travel, high-speed rail will bring economic development. transportation is a tool for economic development and a better quality of life. there is no better illustration than this project. that is only part of our vision for a seamless transportation never can california. we are investing in urban transportation systems in los angeles, prior role transportation option throughout the state, and investing millions in california's ports and waterways. this project at uc was funded with recovery act money. that is economic stimulus that will continue to pay off for generations. i commend the california legislature for taking the historic vote to fund a high- speed rail project. your readership reminds us that californians have always embraced gold divisions and public projects that charts the way for the rest of the
for joining us. only carolyn tyler. let's get started with a quick first look at the weather from our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. you see the fog behind you and from vollmer peak a pretty site. we have the clear sky inland but low fog and clouds have allowed for mist and drizzle if you are headed over the golden gate bridge. it is a gray start and it will be for most areas it will about 10:00. then the fog burns back. it will be banked up along the shoreline, allowing for a stronger sea breeze, up to 20 miles an hour today. so that will bring the numbers down just a bit. we are talking about upper 50s to low 60s for the noontime hours in our inland valleys and then by the afternoon a return to some 90s but it's low 90s for concord and danville today. but we will be looking at a cooler day at our coast. the big question is are we going to see the heat come back? i'll let you know in a little bit. carolyn. >> we begin with breaking news in san mateo where southbound highway 101 is open again a fatal multi-car crash near east popular avenue. this is the scene of that collis
's superior court system. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us live from the courthouse to explain why they are on strike. >> reporter: they are loud, they are angry and they are demanding not answers but the right to information that would allow them to negotiate a fair contract. >> shut it down. shut it down. >> reporter: at 8:30 a.m. 200 walked off the job here. it is all in an effort to paralyze the superior court system. these workers want a contract that keeps courtrooms open and workers paid. >> the last five years we have given concessions. we haven't had a cost of living raise. the economy keeps going up, we stay in the same place. for five years we have given up furloughs. we have done our part. >> the administrative office wasted $660 million over the last years trying to create something called the california courts management system. >> they asked the court to provide information so they can make a counterproposal but they say they have been shut out. they have been at an impasse sense march 7 after they rejected an agreement. the court says this strike has not shut down t
-held neighborhoods the u.s. secretary of defence said it could be the end of president asides regime. roller-coaster riders got more excitement as they bargained for the new superman roller- coastered got stuck at its high point at six flags discovery kingdom don knapp has more. >>> imagine how scary this was 12 people and to small cars on a narrow track 150 ft. ups stop dead still. trying to move the car by leaning forward and backward and trying to come down. more thrills than they bargained for. passengers were stuck for about an hour-and-a-half and the hot sun they were stuck in the upright position. at the suggestion of workers they tried to rock and jarred the coaster car free as mechanics worked on the wheels firefighters delivered water. the ride inaugurated a month ago is ranked among the tallest rides in the world this video on the six flags web site shows the ride as design. it runs 62 mi. per hour. the ride got stuck at the top and pos scary moments not for those in the air but for those on the ground. >>> and howard into what the crane got up there and once it up there they're t
the driver being chased opened fire on officers and you can see the result behind us. traffic extremely slow. no one we understand was hit by gunfire but the source says the shooter tossed his gun into the bay after the shooting. this all started around 1:30 this morning. the car crashed and that's when shots were fired. the driver was injured and taken into custody. now, san francisco police out here we're told they are assisting in this investigation. the crime scene technicians have been called in. and we understand it could be 10:30 until all the lanes are reopened here because of this crime scene investigation. send it over to sal and he can give us alternate routes. >> reporter: i can tell you traffic now on city streets is slow. it's also slow on the skyway. >> want to go to a picture now on the scene 1st near harrison street. maybe some people don't know about this. i don't know why anyone would voluntarily drive into this traffic but it's very slow. if you have to go, you might want to use the san mateo bridge instead. we've checked out the driver and using that bridge. i want to br
to us, it really brings it home. >> reporter: diane banister is the owner of a website where models from all over the world post photos of themselves which they can sell to fans. carley richards posed for a photo shoot in colorado before going to the theater. >> i'm looking forward to that photo set that she submits to us. but at the same time, it's just a profoundly sad thing. the clothes that she was wearing in that photo shoot that she did that day for our site, she won't retrieve again. >> reporter: banister was moved enough to pay richards' medical bills and start a fund-raising everett efforts to help other vicks of the shooting. >> we filled out the remainder amount that they claim they need to make sure that she gets all of those needs met, including psychological care going forward. >> reporter: richards, hospitalized the night of the shooting, will be okay. and what happened to her will now, thanks to a bay area ceo, help other families affected. in addition to having the outfit she wore during the photo shoot now entered as evidence, she blogged about how she wore a t-shirt fr
for the second hour of the morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday the 13th of july i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right there. i can feel a difference already. >> a bout of that west wind. yes, sir. well for many some people like the heat i understand but for most of the e-mails and tweets i get steve, where is that sea breeze? it kicked in yesterday. today temperatures coming down inland about 10-15 degrees. here is sal. >> traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 4 although it is a little busy through antioch and concord and bay point it's not all that bay. getting a look at the live picture of the bay bridge. some slowing of the cash lanes but otherwise we are doing well. let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our news right now overnight news the search is on for the person that opened fire overnight outside of an east bay walmart. christien kafton is at the pittsburg walmart with all the activity that happened in the store parking lot. christien. >> reporter: the sun is coming up now. we are getting
talk that u.s. athletes got from the first lady. >>. >>> new details on a suspicious device found near at&t park today. in the last two hours the authorities gave the all-clear. construction crews dug up an artillery shell in the mission bay neighborhood. here's the picture of the ordnance found at 3rd street and mariposa and transported to an area across from at&t park. two buildings and two house boats were evacuated and two streets were closed. officials from travis air force base determined there was no powder in the shell. so it was not dangerous. there will be no impact to the giants game tonight. >>> we also have some breaking news right now just in the past few minutes, a decision on the fate of the south bay's newest casino. arturo santiago is live in san jose with the late breaking developments. arturo? >> reporter: it's been a waiting game for most of the day, but we did just receive a few minutes ago with a spokesman with the casino that the owners of casino m8trix have received final approval from the chief of police. this whole process started about five years ago when th
and also the chairman of the subcommittee on the promotion of the defense of marriage of the u.s. conference of catholic bishops. a warning for chic-fil-a " don't come any closer " the mayor of san francisco is the third to come out against a popular restaurant chain and its stance against same-sex marriage as ann mackovic shows us, the flap over food and love is growing. >> getting messages from people saying that this is so bad, mayor, could you speak up for the city of san francisco? so that is what i did. >> the mayor speaking out against chic-fil-a after its president spoke out against same-sex marriage. >> i'm for freedom of expression and people and say what it wants but it just seems like they have gone out of their way to challenge people that they on this early to not have to. >> the restaurant was founded in georgia on southern baptist principles. right now there is a chic-fil-a in fairfield and branches will open in san jose in august and a walnut creek in september. last night merely put on twitter " i strongly recommend that they not try to come any closer ". he is
've ever had. >>> other factors include a stronger u.s. dollar stemming from the economic slow down in europe and china. >> there are economic troubles there that are slowing things down. and they did not get the full benefit because now that the i pad is becoming available there. >> reporter: analysts say with the loss of steve jobs might be a factor in the future, right now the new products being released were still developed over watch. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now on wall street traders sold off apple stocks in afterhours trading. it sank from $600 a share to 567. netflix also plunged. the company blamed the drop on a slow down of subscriber growth. that's a drop of more than 16%. >>> on the broader markets stocks also headed south again today the dow declined for a third consecutive session falling more than 100 points the nasdaq dropped 47. king today flies new concerns about a slowing european economy and the impact it will have on companies. >>> now to contra costa county where investigators are still trying to determine what caused an early morn
. >>> president obama's latest move to improve the u.s. relationship with israel. >>> plus, take a look at this a couple is watching their front lawn disappear falling bit by bit and near not much they can do about. >>> update on gma host robin roberts' health. the details she announced today on >>> president obama signed a cooperation act this morning offering support against threats. the u.s. will give israel 70 million dollars for a security program aimed at missile strikes. >> the president: this legislation brings together all the outstanding cooperation we've seen at an unprecedented level between our two countries. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney heads to israel tomorrow. today in london he was forced to walk to meet the irish prime minister, when heavy traffic from the olympics snarled his motorcade. romney stirred up controversy yesterday seemingly questioning whether london was prepared to handle olympics logistics. >>> residents along much of the east coast are cleaning up after a powerful thunderstorm swept through yesterday. look at this video of lightning
, the olympic dream continues for five women who earned a spot to represent the u.s. gymnastics team. how they're peopling about all the pressure. >>> a group of high school kids working at facebook. we'll show you thousand they landeds summer jobes there. >>> and a live look over san jose on monday morning. we'll check that forecast with christina loren. the news at 11:00 s.t.a.r.t.s now. >>> good monday morning, everybody. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. happening right now, closing arguments are under way in the case of a south bay man charged with assaulting a priest who he says abused him as a child. nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san jose with the latest from the courtroom. bob, good morning. snoosh good morning, marla. the prosecution wrapping up, delivering its statement by power point presentation. it will d.a. employed the jury to find will lynch guilty in the assault of father jerry lindner in spite of of the sympathy the jury might have for him. while it's natural to feel bad for lynch who was allegedly sexually assaulted by the priest as a 7-year-old, they can't use tha
and crunchy stuff got married! i only use french's french fried onions on my crunchy onion chicken because it's america's number one brand. just minutes to make, then bake! try resolve easy clean to deep clean your carpets. just 3 easy steps for beautifully clean carpets. it removes 3 times more dirt than vacuuming alone. don't just vacuum clean. protect whales. now noaa is asking ships to slow down. in the gulf of the fairlawns and the national marine sanctuary. alan wang is live near the golden gate with a story tonight. alan? >> yes, dan. whales are increasingly in danger of striking ships outside the golden gate bridge. the national oceanic relationship saw them feeding in a shipping lane just today. on june 21st, an endangered fin will was found. the spine was cleanly severed in half, most likely by the propeller of a ship. >> right now we have an abundance of whales just outside the golden gate bridge. that's where the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is recommending all slips showdown to 10 knots in the shipping lanes. >> today our accessory search crews cited as a minim
tourists. the islamic group denies involvement officials are using dna samples to id the bomber said to be caring a fake michigan driver's license. former presidential candidate michelle bachman take see from her own party accused a state department aide of having ties to an extreme muslims. the minnesota congressman is not backing down. >>> michelle bachman faces more criticism over allegations that an aide to hillary clinton may have ties to aegis muslim brotherhood. >>> the minnesota commerce woman and four other conservative lawmakers sent letters to intelligence officials pointing cleansed up the chief of staff, they're wrong " of the dean has three family members connected to muslim brotherhood operatives and organizations. i've been was born in united states her marriage to former congressman anthony wiener pusher in the spotlight last year he resigned when provocative attacks were made public leading members of congress say these attacks need to stop. >>> these attacks have no logic and no basis >>> the state department describes bachman allegations as vicious and disgusting
have always been looking with your department to see what is possible. we do not want to use a cookie cutter approach. supervisor avalos: we would love to work with you on that. just a follow-up question for mr. henderson. this is something that has been broad opt about using our existing -- brought up about using arkin -- our existing community development that we have. we would like to see a greater effort, not that you are not making an effort now, but a greater effort within the mayor's office to do the community building efforts that are going on in the omi. i think specifically looking with staff at the mayor's office of trinity development to focus on violence prevention and neighborhood integration -- specifically looking at violence prevention and neighborhood integration. >> i'm happy to look at that and make whatever recommendations that come out of those conversations. i'm assuming you're talking about the housing. supervisor avalos: the mayor's office of community development? i'm talking about that and probably making some greater did -- greater investment in to that to
not count on using bay shore boulevard for the next hour or two. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> a state senate committee is set to consider a bill today that would make party bus operators accountable for underaged drinking. assemblyman hill is introducing the measure named after the 19-year-old who got off a party bus two years ago and left to drive home with an alcohol level three times the legal limit. the teen was killed when he crashed his car. hill wants to require party bus operators who verify ahead of time if there are minors board and have adult super vision. many in the business say organizers of the parties should be held accountable. >>> a san francisco building inspection commissioner claims mayor lee committed perjury while testifying at the misconduct hearing involving ross mirkarimi. mayor lee told the ethics commission friday he had not consulted with the board of supervisors before charging mirkarimi with misconduct. the examiner reports, during a break in the hearing building commissioner walker said supervisor told her the mayor had previously asked whether mirkarim
. >> it took 22 years to change the u.s. laws to allow people to come to our country without declaring this hiv status. >> with the obama administration finally geoff turning that -- it will take place later this month in w washington. after 30 years we finally feel like we have the courage to turn an the aides epidemic it. the findings last year where it turned out that treatment works with prevention of -- >> reporter: perhaps the most talked about subject will be the search for a cure. it comes after a recent revolution that a bay area man was reportedly cured of aides. >> now whether we can do it with a pill, or a transplant, that's the question. >> researchers caution that a cure is still likely decades away, but today's conference comes at a turning point in the fight against a disease that kills people every year. still ahead here at 6:00, a new law becomes officially today, one that affects people with autism. we'll have details on how it will help. >>> also a rap icon's company buys an east bay business, the first of its kind move designed to enhance your music listening experience. >>
>>> right now at 5:00, predictive policing. cash strapped cities using the same technology seismologists use to predict crime. >> location is everything. police say they're using it to their advantage. fewer officers on the streets, departments are using something they claim can predict where crime will happen. new at 11:00, george kitriyama joins us from a hotspot. >> reporter: we're in one those so-called hotspots. a shopping center here on morgan hill, in the past two weeks they've had an armed robbery and car break in. they're keeping an eye on this area, using this predictive technology hoping to catch the crooks. >> this is the prediction of where the crime's going to occur. >> reporter: the red box you see on the screen is called a hotspot, a place where a previous crime took place. >> this is where we need to be, in this box. >> reporter: the technology is called thread pole will a krip fighting software used in santa cause and los angeles. >> now we're just going to be able to -- the police are going to know to go out there and to look for those individuals. any su
this date they shoot us down how many shut them down if if organizers have not set for short hair how they will try to disrupt many service again. officers either drive by or police on bicycles as well. they are keeping their distance for now. there are a lot of banners and signs. for right now, it is a very peaceful protest. thus there are just singing and addressing the crowd. maureen kelly has more on the muni destruction that was caused by this morning's demonstration. >> around 7:00 a.m. a few dozen protesters marched in a circle across the muni metro tracks blocking the path of the core j and m lines. muni had advanced heart of the protest and broad and shuttle buses. the group then moved on, slowing traffic in front of the office still. they carried signs calling for an end police brutality to a guy who had a close eye on the demonstration. adam mother at the man the -- the mother of the man at the center of the action says she is gratified. >> it means so much to see the support of the community standing up and fighting back against police brutality. we are tired of the police
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